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-Dry ahhaa wtf somebody needs to help me here Does your wireless card/AP/router/WIFI dongle support WPA2? i didn't realise it was the hsf modem well i shouldnt have to thats stupid that i have to i get a long pause in the boot sequence it says installing new firmware then nothing else and then hangs on it saying "Configuring network interfaces" i cant do that i cant get on the net awwwwwwww fuck you Xtremeasure: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. Do any of you know a program that will create two partitions on my USB drive for my dual boot purposes? I'm just wondering why you have to enable WPA2 Does gparted do that? nolsen: It should, but I can't remember if the option is on its menu Xtremeasure: What is it using to configure the network interface? Do you see the system GUI running for the network manager? TJ-: Alright, thanks! Xtremeasure: If it hangs at that point that suggests it is attempting to read from the disk, possibly due to not having a supported method of reading the firmware from the disk into memory Xtremeasure: Or it could be in the BIOS or firmware settings. Have you tried booting with the network off to prevent it reading the network firmware? yes and no i have to have it its on the image i dont understand that if the network is



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